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  • Newari religion painting
  • painted Style: 18 century
Materials: Real Natural Mineral Pigments, 24K Gold Paint Embellishment, Wood
Size:(30 x 21cm)

Description:According to Tibetan tradition, Songstan Gampo was enthroned while still a minor as the thirty-third king of the Yarlung Dynasty after his father was poisoned circa 618 (i.e. before he was 13 or 12 years old by Western reckoning).He is said to have been born in an unspecified Ox year and was 13 years old (12 by Western reckoning) when he took the throne. This accord with the tradition that the Yarlung kings took the throne when they were 13, and supposedly old enough to ride a horse and rule the kingdom. If these traditions are correct, he was probably born in the Ox year 605 CE. The Jiu Tangshu, or Book of Tang, notes that he was still a minor when he succeeded to the throne.Songtsän Gampo's mother was, according to tradition, Dringma Togo of the Tsepong clan, which played an important part in the unification of Tibet. He also married Trimonyen Dongsten of the Mong clan, who is said to have been the mother of Gungsong Gungsten; and is said to have had several other wives: a noble woman from Minyak, the Nepali princess Bhrikuti Devi (whom many modern scholars are doubtful about), and a princess from Zhangzhung (while his sister, Princess Semarkar, married the king of Zhangzhung - which ultimately led to the conquest of Zhangzhung as described below),As well as the Chinese Princess Wencheng, or Munchang Kongcho.Songtsän Gampo's heir, Gungsong Gungsten, died before his father, so his son, Manglon Mangsten, or Mangsong Mangtsen, took the throne. His mother is sometimes said to have been the Chinese princess, Munchang Koncho, but this is thought to be highly unlikely. His mother was most probably Mangmoje Trikar, who is mentioned in the Genealogy found in the "hidden library" in the caves in Dunhuang (which lists the names of the Tibetan emperors and the names of their consorts who bore future emperors, and the clans they came from).

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