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  • Newari religion painting
  • painted Style: 13 century
Materials: Real Natural Mineral Pigments, 24K Gold Paint Embellishment, Cotton Canvas
Description:Two Thousand Five Hundred year ago Prince Siddhartha Gautam was bron through King Suddhodan and Queen Mayadevi in Lumbini garden. After born  he instantly  walked seven steps and   raised  right  hand  pointed finger  to  the  sky  and  declared  that  he  is  the  great  leader  of  the whole Universe.The King consult the fortune teller about the child. The fortune teller told that if the Prince stay in the place as a house holder he would be great emperor of the world. If he leave the place he will become Buddha (who is born for the sake of the everything that live).King Suddhodana arranged pretty women and all the luxuries of that time for Prince since he was Rahula. One day Siddartha Gautam desired to go out from the Place and asked Chandak the charioteer to take him out from place. On the way he saw an old man, a sick man, a dead man (corpse) and a monk. Since that incident Prince was very upset and one night he decided to leave the palace and seek the solution of his mental unrest. One night he leave the place with only charioteer Chandak to meditate in forest for human benefit.He practice ascetic meditation very hardly in forest without eating single grain for several years but he couldn’t get any realization he because convinced that it would not lead him to enlightenment so he gave up practice of asceticism, he bathed in the river Niranjana and accept the rice pudding from the Sujata. After eating the food he meditate, Mara the devil came to attack the Siddarth Gautam to destroy his meditation but Mara couldn’t do any harm to the Prince. Siddarth became enlighten.From Devaloka Gods and Goddesses all to worship the Buddha. Flowers rain from the sky, King  of the Gods Indra raised parasol and the umbrella to the Buddha, God Shiva played the Damaru(hand drum), god Bishnu blew the conch horn, Nagaraja the flags, Agani Devi the God of fire lit the insences the God of the wind raised the flags, Agni Dev the God of fire lit the insences, Yamaraja the god of death move the counting beads(Jap mala), Kubera the god of wealth made rain of jewels, Sarswoti the goddess of the wisdom played the Bina, Bramha  the god of creator sweeps the way for Buddha and they took procession to the Lumbini.
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