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  • Newari religion painting
  • painted Style: 18 century
Materials: Real Natural Mineral Pigments, 24K Gold Paint Embellishment, Cotton Canvas
Size:( 56 x 49cm)

Description:padma Sambhav was a renown and highly learned tantric saint of Northern India. in the middle of the Tibetan king Thi-Sron Detsan sent to India inviting the learned guru to come to Tibet. Padma Sambhav was renowned for his knowledge of tantras and of their efficacious application. He remained 50 years in Tibet founding monasteries and teaching the tantras doctrine. He is said to have subdued all the malignant gods in the Tibet sparing only those that become converted to Buddhism and that promised to be defenders (Dharmapala) of the doctrine. Padma Sambhav in this turn, promised to enroll them in the Mahayana Pantheon. He claimed to have received from the dakini the books from which he acquired his miraculous power. At the end of fifty years Padma Sambhav disappeared miraculously.

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