Surya Mandala

  • Newari religion painting
  • painted Style:  13 century
Materials: Real Natural Mineral Pigments, 24K Gold Paint Embellishment, Cotton Canvas
Size:(94 x 59cm)
Worship of planetary deities was important in Nepali buddhism in the fourteen centuries and appears to have declined thereafter. The central figure in this mandala is the sun god, Surya, who holds two lotuses and rides a chariot pulled by seven horses, accompanied by Four consorts.The eight planetary deities surround the chariot in a circle, again surrounded by a larger circle containing twenty-eight figures- representing the main constellations and astral mansions-around the ecliptic. The twelve signs of the zodiac are represented in the four corners. Beneath sit a yogin donor on the left (see detail ), the five Pancharaksha goddesses, and two woman donors on the right. The absence of a group of five buddhas at the top of the painting suggests that this particular work may have been intended for use in a Hindu, rather than Bhuddist, context. Little is known about Kitaharasa

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